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52 Eye-Opening Global Health Videos on YouTube

One of the biggest issues right now is health. Global health appears to be in the news regularly, as we find out more about health conditions around the world — and compare these conditions to health in the U.S. Public health professionals are always trying to figure out ways to improve the health of citizens at home, and in other countries. You don’t have to be professional involved in public health to learn about the state of global health, though. If you are interested in learning more about global health, here are 52 informative videos:

General Global Health

These videos look at general global health issues, and can provide an overview of the challenges associated with global public health.

  1. Jim Yong Kim lectures on global health: Dartmouth College offers this great lecture on global health.
  2. Global Health Challenges in the 21st Century: A lecture at Standford about what we face this century.
  3. Global Change – Global Health: A look at urban health in this century.
  4. Global Health: Back to the Future: Looks at the future of global health, and what to expect.
  5. Global Health Forecast: The Next 20 Years: Possible state of global health in the next two decades.
  6. Global health disparities: Gives you an idea of the scope of global health disparities.
  7. Global Health: British PM Gordon Brown addresses a global health conference.
  8. Our health, our future: The World Health Organization looks at global health since its founding.
  9. Leadership in Global Health: Considers how to lead in global health.
  10. Human Health and the Environment: Considers the way that the environment affects human health.
  11. Public Health: how to influence behaviour – nudge or nanny?: A look at how to influence different health behaviors.
  12. The U.S. Global Health Initiative: Issues and Perspectives: Kaiser Family Foundation offers a look at the global health initiative.
  13. Interdisciplinary Approaches to Global Health Education: Beyond the Traditional Medical Model: What can be done to improve global health education.
  14. This is Public Health: A look at what, exactly, public and global health entails.


One of the biggest issues associated with global health is the prevalence of disease. These videos can help you learn more about the diseases that afflict people around the world.

  1. What can we learn from the 1918 flu?: A look at the flu pandemic of 1918, and how it can help us with modern pandemics.
  2. How I’m trying to change the world now: This is the infamous TED talk from Bill Gates about malaria. You remember how he released mosquitoes into the audience…
  3. Malaria: Learn more about malaria and how it is spread in the body.
  4. Emerging Infectious Diseases and Global Health: Covers some of the diseases we are starting to see more of.
  5. The world now eats (and dies) like Americans: Dean Ornish looks at how diseases related to diet are spreading around the world.
  6. Public Policy to Prevent Obesity and Chronic Diseases Related to Nutrition in Mexico: Offers great insight into global health and obesity.
  7. The coming neurological epidemic: Are we going to see an increase of neurological diseases around the world?
  8. The Transformational nature of the AIDS response: Opportunities for Global Health: A look at the response to AIDS, and how far we still have to go.
  9. Survival – neglected diseases in Africa: A look at some of the diseases we don’t think about.
  10. Spotlight on Infectious Diseases: A look at some of the infectious diseases encountered around the world, and how to limit them.
  11. Infectious Diseases in a Changing World: Addresses how our changing world affects disease.
  12. Global Climate Change: Disease and Society: Considers how global climate change can affect diseases and our worldwide society.
  13. Lyme Disease Rates Rise: A look at lyme disease and its increase in Canada.

Health Care

How does health care in other countries compare to what we have in the U.S. and other developed countries? These videos look at health care challenges and conditions all over the globe.

  1. Ernest Madu: Bringing world-class health care to the poorest: A look at health care options for the poorest, from a TED presentation.
  2. Health Care Fails US Workers, 3rd World Clinic Alternative: A look at clinics in the U.S., designed to help those who are underinsured and uninsured.
  3. Healthcare Inequalities: A look at the differences in health care around the world.
  4. UNICEF: Challenges remain at Global Health Conference: A look at global health care, and what is wrong with today’s health care around the world.
  5. Global Health Care Expenditures: An eye opening look at what is spent on health care around the world.
  6. Trends in Global Healthcare: Addressing some of the trends we are seeing in healthcare on a global scale.
  7. Trading Away Health: The Impact of Free Trade on Public Health: An interesting look at health care, wealth and disparities.
  8. Health Insurance and Health Care Disparities: A look at the differences between those who are covered by health insurance and health care.
  9. Conference: Health Care Disparities: A look at the different levels of health disparities. Watch the other six parts as well.
  10. Inside USA – Healthcare in USA: The state of health care in America.
  11. Health Care and Health Disparities: Considers health care spending, and whether we are getting what we pay for.
  12. Insight, Outlook for Health Care Businesses in Asia: Looks at the possibilities for health care business in Asia.


These videos look at innovative ideas related to global health. Look to the future, and see what is being done to solve some of the global health issues we face.

  1. Take health care off the mainframe: A look at what can be done to bring health care into the 21st century.
  2. Robots: The World’s Future Caregivers: An interesting look at how robots could help as aging populations grow.
  3. Anthony Atala on growing organs: The future of organ growth, and the possibilities for global health.
  4. 6 ways mushrooms can save the world: An interesting look at how mushrooms can provide answers for the future.
  5. The wireless future of medicine: Innovations that can make health care more accessible to more people.
  6. Innovations in Global Health: New Approaches to Neglected Diseases: Looks at changes to global health, and the new approaches that will help us improve care.
  7. Global Health Innovation in Africa: Part of what can be done in Africa to improve health.
  8. Global Health Innovation Conference: This highlight reel shows what we can do to improve health system management.
  9. Health Innovation for an Aging Society: Changing how we approach caring for an aging population.
  10. Digital Health Delivery to Hospitals: A look at how mobile computing can help in hospitals.
  11. Leading Health Innovations: Collaborative Regional Approach: Looks at how collaboration can help improve health delivery.
  12. Information is Care: How better information and informatics can help improve global health.
  13. Christian Barry: Incentives to Global Health: A look at global health incentives.
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