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Top 30 Web Forums on Vaccinations

Although this generation may not know what the whooping cough is, chances are we and our kids have or will be vaccinated for it. With the number of vaccinations required per child coming in at over 20 by the time they are six, it can all be confusing and even seem unnecessary. As a result, the topic of vaccinations and immunizations has become a heated one. With many proven adverse reactions in a debated number of recipients and even the theory that vaccines lead to autism, parents and patients are often left wondering which is the best choice.

To help bring you all sides of the debate, we have gathered the below top 30 web forums on vaccinations. They include everything from forums on the first year of your child’s life to how to diagnose and discuss the range of autism spectrum disorders. Continue reading

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The History of Medicare in America: The Definitive Web Guide

If you are interested the debates about Medicare and public health, you might want to bone up on what public health means, including the history of Medicare. Medicare celebrated its 45th birthday in 2010, and America is looking at this institution as a model and a history lesson in reforming health care. What follows are links to articles, timelines, blog posts, and a few videos about the history of Medicare. Continue reading

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Top 25 Social Sites for Public Health Professionals

One of the fastest growing fields of interest is that of public health. Public health deals with keeping the population as a whole healthy, raising awareness of best health practices among members of the public. As technology continues to advance, and as more ways to communicate are developed, it will be possible for public health professionals to connect more with each other – -and with the public.
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What Are the Healthiest Cities in the World? 25 Infographics, Studies and Rankings

Attendees at the 1998 international Healthy Cities conference held in Athens, Greece, coined the term, “healthy urban planning.” Since that time, artists and designers have used data to show the public health (or lack of that health) in and around certain cities in terms of pedestrian friendliness, pollutants, environment (and changes in that environment), the availability of resources and measures of wealth, health and well-being. The following 25 information graphics offer insights into both U.S. cities and comparisons across the globe. Continue reading

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Top 20 Most Influential AIDS Researchers

Since the first cases of AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) appeared in 1981, many researchers have contributed toward finding causes, cures and education about this global epidemic. The following 20 individuals are but a few of many researchers who have contributed work with varying results, although every researcher on this list has influenced many people. Continue reading

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52 Eye-Opening Global Health Videos on YouTube

One of the biggest issues right now is health. Global health appears to be in the news regularly, as we find out more about health conditions around the world — and compare these conditions to health in the U.S. Public health professionals are always trying to figure out ways to improve the health of citizens at home, and in other countries. You don’t have to be professional involved in public health to learn about the state of global health, though. If you are interested in learning more about global health, here are 52 informative videos:
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Top 20 iPad Apps to Keep You Healthy and Fit

We know a great deal about health and wellness these days, and public health administrators are aware that there is a great deal of good that comes out of a healthier populace. If you are interested in your own health, it is possible to get helpful hints for improving your health, as well as keep track of your progress, using popular mobile devices. One of the most interesting devices that has the potential to impact individual and public health is the iPad.

Apple’s iPad is quite popular, and it provides numerous tools that can help you maintain a healthier lifestyle. Apps are generally inexpensive, and they can provide you with ideas for workouts, information on the food that you eat, and even help you monitor your health outcomes. If you are interested in living a better lifestyle, here are 20 of the top iPad apps that can help keep you healthy and fit:
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50 Excellent Public Health Web Sites Worth Bookmarking

Anyone who works in the public health sector may know that public health concerns local, regional, national and international health concerns. This list of 50 excellent public health Web sites are worth bookmarking if you need sources that offer assistance, news and information at all levels and in all topics from the flu to how the environment and animals contribute to public health issues. Continue reading

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Top 25 BlackBerry Apps for Public Health Professionals

According to MobiHealthNews, the BlackBerry is tops for healthcare because of its ability to provide security and privacy management. As a public healthcare professional, this feature might impress you. Further, this list of the top 25 BlackBerry Apps for public health professionals can make your life even easier. Continue reading

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Top 25 Public Health Jobs Sites Worth Using

Jobs in the public health sector are numerous, but you need to know where to look to find them. You can find jobs across the U.S. or on a global scale in positions that range from internships to directorships. You can find public health jobs through job search engines, through major employers in the public health field and through local to federal government positions. This is how we have categorized the following top 25 public health jobs sites worth using below. Continue reading

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