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Top 20 iPad Apps to Keep You Healthy and Fit

We know a great deal about health and wellness these days, and public health administrators are aware that there is a great deal of good that comes out of a healthier populace. If you are interested in your own health, it is possible to get helpful hints for improving your health, as well as keep track of your progress, using popular mobile devices. One of the most interesting devices that has the potential to impact individual and public health is the iPad.

Apple’s iPad is quite popular, and it provides numerous tools that can help you maintain a healthier lifestyle. Apps are generally inexpensive, and they can provide you with ideas for workouts, information on the food that you eat, and even help you monitor your health outcomes. If you are interested in living a better lifestyle, here are 20 of the top iPad apps that can help keep you healthy and fit:


Physical fitness is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. There are iPad apps that provide you with helpful hints for exercise programs, how to burn calories, and even for tracking the distance you run on your morning jog.

  1. Virtual Trainer: Get help from your virtual trainer when it comes to getting fit. Helps you formulate a plan based on the muscle groups you plan to work, and helps you track your progress. You can also choose from more than 120 pre-set programs to provide you with workouts ranging from six to 60 minutes. Cost: Free
  2. Fitness Plan: Create a fitness plan to help you get into shape. Track your exercise, and view your progress. This iPad app can help you keep track of your fitness activities, and help you plan for the future. Cost: $0.99
  3. Pocket Yoga HD: If you are interested in seeing how yoga can be used in everyday fitness, this is the iPad app for you. Pocket Yoga takes you through different routines, helping you start with different poses. Get out your yoga mat and get to work! Cost: $3.99
  4. iFitness: Keep up with your fitness goals, and find how effective different exercises are. Set fitness goals and track your progress, plus see images showing you proper position for various exercises. Cost: $1.99
  5. Nike + GPS: This app helps you keep track of your run. Helps you see your pace, duration and even calories burned. Compare to other runs, and see your route with the help of a GPS mapping system. Cost: $1.99
  6. Running Trainer Lite: Get help with your training routine for running. Includes lessons, GPS mapping, and progress reports. Cost: Free
  7. ExerciseTV: A new workout routine of between 10 and 45 minutes is sent to your iPad each day when you have this app. A great way to change it up a bit, and to fit exercise into your daily schedule. Cost: Free


Healthy eating habits are essential for better living. If you are interested in a healthy lifestyle, it is vital that you get the proper nutrition. The iPad is compatible with apps that can help you learn about better eating, as well as get access to the latest nutrition data.

  1. Food & Nutrition: Get healthy when you make better decisions based on the information you receive from this iPad app. Includes information on different nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Cost: Free
  2. Lost It!: This is a great food diary and calorie counter. Includes the calorie counts and other nutrition data (including protein and fiber) in hundreds of foods, and helps you keep track of your eating habits. You can also keep track of the calories you burn. Cost: Free
  3. GoMealsHD: Get great, helpful information on a number of food choices. See your meals laid out for you, and set goals for calories, keeping track of how close you are to your limit. Includes a restaurant locator.
  4. Calorie Counter: FatSecret offers a helpful iPad app designed to help you keep track of your caloric intact. Includes a way for you to enter the barcodes from food packaging, as well as menu items from restaurants. Cost: Free
  5. Restaurant Nutrition: Find different restaurants, and learn more about what is on the menu, with the help of this iPad app.  A helpful way to eat healthy on the go.
  6. Healthy Gourmet Recipes: Interested in making good food? This iPad app helps you create delicious meals that are good for you. Cost: €1.59
  7. Nutrition Menu: A great way to keep track of your calories, exercise, and more. Eat better and live healthier with this iPad app. Cost: $2.99


How you feel in general can be a part of your health. A healthy mind and emotions that are in balance can be an important part of healthy living. This includes reducing stress, as well as engaging in activities that can help you keep your mind sharp.

  1. Mindfulness Meditation: Improve your meditation, and relax, with help from this iPad app. Includes a checklist, and a guide to meditation. Then, choose the length of time you want to meditate, and get started. Cost: $2.99
  2. iThoughtsHD: This is a helpful mind mapping app that can provide you with the ability to organize your thoughts and your projects. A great way to get organized, and to help reduce stress by keeping you up with what is happening. Cost: $7.99
  3. Magic Window: This app can help you relax with the help of beautiful pictures from around the world. See amazing vistas, helping you calm yourself and regain focus, and ease mental fatigue. Cost: $1.99
  4. Zen Timer: This iPad app can help you with your meditation using a timer. Choose the type of sounds you want to indicate your beginning and end. Includes lovely sounds from the Tibetan singing bowl. Preset different meditations to go along with your practice. Can be used in conjunction with yoga to enhance your mind/body connection during exercise. Cost: $2.99
  5. Stay Happy: A great app devoted to helping you increase your happiness in life, including information on forgiveness, being in the present and gratitude. Includes thought exercises that can help you improve your happiness and emotional health. Cost: $2.99
  6. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock: You can learn more about your sleep cycle, and helps wake you in a more natural manner. A good way to improve your sleep habits — and your mental health. Cost: $0.99
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