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How Much Can You Earn With a Masters in Public Health?

The job and salary prospects for Master in Public health are very robust in coming future with salary wise as well job prospect wise. And those with graduate level education and with strong business management skills have all the guts to out date others in cutthroat competition of present age in the area of public health.   It is expected that by 2016, the job opportunities for medical and health service managers would be higher as the demand, quality and efficiency in health care would rise to append the accountability. Apart from the above said factors, reasons like computerization of patient records, new technology and changing regulations are also forcing need for professionals in health care industry especially with a Masters in Public Health. These MPA would be more required in practitioners’ offices and home heath care agencies. They would have more and better job opportunities with health care management companies that offer services to hospitals involving contract negotiations, information management systems and physician recruitment. So considering all these factors in health care industry, it is expected that Masters in Public health is an outsmarting job prospect offer for professionals with work experience and good management skills.

As for earning potential an MPA can fetch salary as much as between as $45,000 and $127,000. However many a time this salary can vary in range depending upon the location where a person is employed. Following is a basic idea of health setting, where a person can have varying salaries.

  • General medicine and surgical centers: $78,660
  • Outpatient care hospitals $67,920
  • Offices of physicians: $67,540
  • Nursing care facilities: $66,730
  • Home health care services: $66,720

It is merely not location but size of health care agency also determines the salary range for a MPA professional. Salary while working with 6 or fewer number of physicians amounts around $72, 875, with 7-24 physicians it counts like $95,766 and practice with 26 and more physicians it accounts around $132, 955.

More, it is the specialization in the area which determines salary level and earning potential for an MPA professional. Following is the list of the departments and area that differs earning potential for an MPA Gastroenterology: $70,474, Dermatology: $70,599, Cardiology: $76,392, Ophthamology: $67,317, Obstetrics and gynecology: $67,222, Orthopedics: $77,621, Pediatrics: $62,125, Internal medicine: $66,853, Family practice: $60,040

Therefore the, salary expectation for those with a masters in health care can vary widely depending on important factors including the facility, size, specialization, and level of responsibility. The other factors include your area’s cost of living, your experience level, and the skills set that you have with you. However, you can expect for the salary outlook to remain strong in coming time too due to high demand of qualified professionals.

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